A family ministry teaching students to reach their world.

Before a student ever receives a license they’ve been given responsibility; no, not for a car, but for their life. That’s right! Long before and after anyone was put in charge of the direction of a car, they were placed behind the wheel of their life. As a result, students often find themselves lost and in need of help. Thankfully, there is a road map! Thankfully, there’s a plan for life! Sometimes, all it takes to find it…is to MERGE!

We want students to “Take hold of the life that is truly life,”
  1 Timothy 6:19b

True life = Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, Make a Difference

Merge Times & ages

MERGE NightSMALL GROUP NightSmall Group ChoicesLead Team

On the second Wednesday of every month we have MERGE Night. This night is specifically designed to encourage, strengthen and inspire students to grow in their knowledge of God and experience Him.

We have everything from FREE Catered Food, Extreme Games, great times of singing with the band, an inspiring message and massive giveaways…all for free!

6:30-7:00pm Doors Open, free food, play, connect, students can hangout
7:00–8:00pm Large group (giveaways, songs with a live band and an inspirational message)
8:00-8:10pm Chill time
8:10-8:20pm Extreme Game
8:20pm Late night snack
8:30pm Doors close

Checkout the info in the sidebar here or on social media for more details on the upcoming Merge Night.

On the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Wednesday Nights of the month we have SMALL GROUP Night. This night is specifically designed to get students out of rows and into circles where they can interact and grow stronger connections with their peers.

Each SMALL GROUP is interest based and we’re confident that everyone will be able to join a group that coincides with their personality. As a part of SMALL GROUP Night we’ll spend time digging into the principles of following God and have at least an hour for students to be in their small group.

6:30pm Doors Open (students can hangout, eat a snack, play and connect)
7:00–7:20pm Welcome and Group Discussion
7:20–8:25pm Small Groups
8:30pm Doors Close

Checkout the info in the Small Group Choices tab for more details.


Student Classes only meet on Wednesday Nights. All Student Small Groups are free.

Pastor TOmmy and his wife AngelaMERGE Student Ministries is headed by Pastor Tommy and his wife Angela. They joined Joy Christian Center in October of 2009. Alongside of them is a tremendous group of adult and student Dream Team members that are involved in every capacity of the student ministry. Together they facilitate opportunities for students to grab hold of the life that is truly life.