What should I expect while attending Joy?
It may not be “church as usual.” Our atmosphere is casual so feel free to come as you are and wear what you want. We’re just happy to have you visit us! At Joy you’ll find people from many different backgrounds and church traditions that all feel quite comfortable here. There is no pressure, no judgment and only an exciting expectation to connect with God.

What happens during a service?
We usually start the service by singing a few upbeat, positive songs to help people begin to engage in worship and focus their attention to God.

At some point, we’ll take care of “family business.” This is usually an announcement or highlight reel of some of the exciting things happening in and around our church. Yes, we will take an offering and no, you don’t have to give. This is the time when those of us who call Joy Christian Center “home” can give back to God and His work. All we ask is that you pass the basket on to the person next to you.

We then hear some practical teaching from one of our great pastors. We believe people are looking for real answers for real life. Most people are doing the best they can trying to find balance while living busy, complex lives. We use everything at our disposal including video, lights, creative set designs and humor to communicate the truth of God’s Word in a way that people can relate to and apply to their daily life.

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What about the rest of my family?
Check out these pages to learn more about how we minister to the whole family.

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