Dear Joy Christian Center Family,

Can you believe that we’ve rounded the corner and can see the end of 2017 just ahead? Wow what a year it’s been!

As I write this letter, the dust has settled from Fall Fun Fest 2017 and I am so proud of this congregation. From touching the lives of people within the church and reaching out to our community the “power of we” has been put on display by the “circles and rows” of Joy Christian Center.

During the Feast of Passover, or as we call it the Last Supper, Jesus gave us an example when He washed the feet of the disciples. He concluded by saying, “Do for others as I have done for you.” (John 13:14-15) The example is that our behavior towards others is to be governed by His behavior towards us. Over the years Joy has lived that out from large events like Fall Fun Fest to supporting missionaries, as well as supporting everything that we as a church do on a weekly basis. I’m amazed and humbled by the wonderful privilege to be called pastor of Joy Christian Center.

For the last few years we’ve asked everyone that is a part of Joy to participate in an annual offering that we call Joy to the World. 100% of the proceeds from this offering are used to simply take joy to the world and to be a blessing wherever and however we can. Typically, this offering happens the weekend before Thanksgiving, but for reasons that will become obvious we’ve moved it to December 3.

On Sunday, December 3, we’re encouraging everyone to come prepared to participate in the Joy to the World offering and you can be a part of it for the low, low price of $49.95!

I realize that moving the Joy to the World offering into December might make it difficult, because of the holidays and we know that for some $49.95 is a stretch. The goal is less about the amount and more about the power of “we” and the giving from our hearts. So whether it’s $49.95, $4.95 or $4,995, this is our opportunity as a church to respond to God’s generosity toward us by being generous toward others. This offering is living proof that everyone can do more than someone.

But wait…there’s more! I believe that when we’re a blessing to others, God in turn brings blessings our way. On Sunday, December 3, I will share with you a couple of interesting things I believe are the result of us being a blessing and in turn God blessing us back. God is so good!

It’s an honor to serve God with you in this great mission and harvest in central Minnesota. Remember that together we are part of a branch office of a world-wide organization whose goal is global domination!

You can give now. It’s safe, secure and simple to use.

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Then Philip went down to the city of Samaria and preached Christ to them. And there was great joy in that city.

Acts 8:5,8 (NKJV)

Serving Him with Joy,
Pastor Brian