Maybe you’ve heard about or watched this YouTube video that has gone viral, but if you haven’t take a moment and watch it to the left, because it’s pretty crazy! The video shows some thrill seekers jumping off of a cliff with a giant rope creating a HUGE rope swing. You can see them running toward and diving off of the cliff and then doing flips and spinning around all while dangling over the earth attached to a cord! The video that went viral was of a boyfriend encouraging his girlfriend to go ahead and jump. She tries to jump (unsuccessfully) several times. Finally her boyfriend gives her a shove and over the side she goes! In the midst of her screaming you hear, I’m breaking up with yooooooou!”
Which made me think of this question; when’s the last time YOU did something for the FIRST time?
Can you remember what it was or what you did? Do you remember what you felt?

  • Was it …
    • Excitement?
    • Apprehension?
    • Fear?
    • All of the above?

Or did you need a shove?
Well, that’s what I feel because right now I’m doing something for the first time!
I’ve been standing on the edge of the blogosphere reading various posts for a long time. I appreciate the people who take the time to express their thoughts and feelings. I’m impressed with the way some of them think and write. I even enjoy those times that I disagree with what they’ve written. And I’m very happy to be standing at the edge of the cliff. I’m comfortable there.

  • I’ve not really wanted to jump because of thoughts like …
    • Apprehension
    • Fear
    • Does anyone really need to know or even care about what I think?
    • How long will this take me?
    • Is it worth it?
    • Or all of the above

But like the girl in the video I’ve been pushed off of the edge and feel like I’m hanging by a rope, afraid I’m going to do a face plant on planet earth!

Welcome to my blog, welcome to my thoughts, welcome to my world. As you can see the tag line says – Keeping our minds on things above and enjoying life on earth. I believe that life is too short not to enjoy it!
What you’ll find here are heavenly things with a steady dose of earthly things. You’ll read about things happening in my life, my church, and probably a few friends and family things as well. I’ll be writing about things I wonder about, excited about and passionate about. I’m pretty sure there’ll even be a post or two about metal detecting or racquetball as well. So here I go … hopefully I won’t have to break up with you!