Saturday January 09 | 5:00–8:30pm
Saturday February 13 | 5:00–8:30pm

Kids Check in is 4:30–5:30pm – Church begins at 5:00 (no pre-registration required)
After church (6ish) JOY KIDS DEPT will take care of your kids for a date night! Kids should be picked up by 8:30 PM
Parents please stay within 30 minutes of Joy

  • Have an active cell phone number with Joy Kids
  • Pack food if allergies or picky eater
  • Complete waivers for specific activities
  • Invite a family to church with you


What ages will Joy Kids Department be accepting for “date night” kids care?
Birth–6th grade
(Grades 7–12 can help in a serving capacity)
Who will be watching over my kids?
Joy Kids Department
(all our volunteers are screened and approved)
Will the kids be fed during the 3.5 hours?
Yes, we will provide pizza after the service portion is done.
What if my child has allergies, or is a picky eater?
We ask that you would help us by providing their food for that evening.
Will service content on Saturday night be same as Sunday?
Essentially yes. The flow will be tweaked slightly to accommodate Saturday night, but the message content will be Sunday’s message.
What if you need to get a hold of us while watching our kids?
We ask that you provide us with a current cell phone number that you’ll have with you at all times.
Can I come to Second Saturday Service if I don’t have kids?
Yes, everyone is welcome.
I’d like to connect with some new folks but not sure how. What can I do?
Watch for info on groups that will spring up to provide some ways of connecting in the future. During the month of November, there will be no non-organized groups after service, but we encourage you to reach out and connect with others in new and creative ways.
Do we have to pre-register our kids for this?
What time will Joy Kids’ doors open for checking in our kids?
Check in will begin promptly at 4:30pm and end at 5:30pm. If you are not here by 5:30pm, we won’t be able to check in your child.
Can I drop my kids off at 6:00pm?
No, check in ends promptly at 5:30p
Can we invite anyone to join us?
Yes, we encourage you to do so!
Can we just go home after service and hang out while you watch our kids for 2.5 hours?
Our goal is to bless you, so you can spend that time however you’d like to!
Is there a cost?