We believe

Church should be fun
Life is too short to not enjoy it, but let’s face it, people have found that church can be irrelevant and … boring. We want to change that because we know that God is very relevant and experiencing God’s love, forgiveness and acceptance is NEVER boring!

Church should be excellent
Jesus shed precious blood for His Church and we believe that a spirit of excellence glorifies God. This is the reason we give Him the very best in all that we do.

Church should be helpful
The Bible has been written to help us understand God as well as apply His life-changing truth to our lives. We’ll use every means available to communicate that truth in creative ways so that ultimately we can understand and apply it to our lives.

We reach the young, we honor age,
and we impact families

We know that age brings wisdom and perspective, and deserves respect. We also recognize that God is pouring out His Spirit on our sons and daughters in very real ways. Our style is youthful and our ministries are multi-generational.

We believe in movement

The church is a movement, not a monument. It has life and breadth. Because life is short and eternity is forever we reach for those who don’t yet know. God has given divine gifts and purpose that are to be expressed through the local church. For some, church is a spectator sport, but that’s not the heart of Joy. At Joy we encourage people to get in the game. We are not afraid to change and continually grow to reach one more.

We are not perfect

We don’t know everything and we’re not perfect. So we depend on God and prayer, with a spirit of humility, we are willing to learn from others.

we are Joy