2017 Sermon Archive

Living Large – Filling in the Blanks Download

Living Large – It’s Worth the Work Download

Living Large – Use it or Lose it Download

Living Large – It’s Worth the Time Download

Living Large – Hung by the Tongue Download

This is Us – Year in Review Download

This is Us – Full House Download

This is Us – God’s Plan “A” Download

The One Thing – Pastor Tommy Download

Picture Perfect – Focus Download

Picture Perfect – Out of Focus Download

Picture Perfect – In Focus Download

Picture Perfect – Fully Developed Download

Don’t Be Fooled Download

Elevate – Juggling Excellence Download

Miraculous – Death is Never Final Download

Miraculous – Easter Sunday Download

Miraculous – Part 3 Download

Miraculous – Part 4 Download

A Psalm of Protection Download

Filter – More Than Dust Download

Filter – Approval Download

Filter – Inadequacy Download

From Freedom to Promise Download

Freedom – Part 1 Download

Freedom – Part 2 Download

Freedom – Part 3 Download

Freedom – Part 4 Download

Shorts – Part 1 Download

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