Joy to the World 2019

Nov 13, 2018,   BY Pastor Brian Gobar   IN Connecting, Faith

Dear Joy Christian Center Family, For the last few years we’ve asked everyone that is a part of Joy to participate in an annual offering that we call Joy to the World. 100% of the proceeds from this offering are used to simply take joy to the world and to be a blessing wherever and  Continue Reading »

Oatmeal Man

May 11, 2013,   BY Pastor Brian Gobar   IN Connecting

I have discovered the peace and solitude of a little family-type restaurant called “The Copper Lantern.” On some occasions, Shelly and I will have a “date” morning and enjoy breakfast together. Other mornings, I’ll go alone and enjoy coffee with time to read, dream, and reflect. I’ve noticed over the few months of doing this  Continue Reading »

Are you planted, I mean, really planted?

Mar 19, 2013,   BY Pastor John Jose   IN Connecting

Breaking news – I’m turning 45 this year, and getting a little bit more reflective every day!    One of the things I think about often is people I have met along my life’s path, who could never really “connect” in churches. (Some background info; I grew up the son of a preacher, so I have  Continue Reading »